You Can Fly!

Flyboard Air

No kidding! Haven't you ever wanted to get from A to B like the birds?

Barring government regulations and car manufacturer’s barricades because of what the device will mean to their profits, everyone will soon have a shot at soaring through the sky. With a few common parts from a jet-ski and the gyroscopic parts and controls of a Segway, crank of a wrench and it's lift-off! The devices can be pre-ordered for the bargain price of 200k but as with everything, the Asian replicators will have a knockoff in a few years for under a thousand.

Water-sports and extreme athletes have paved the way for this new innovation.  Nobody knows where the next great ideas will surface...maybe it's how we exercise, maybe it's how we mingle in public, or maybe even how we choose to enjoy our holidays.  For example, many holidaymakers have now decided to enjoy their vacation in a self-catered home at their favorite destination versus choosing the age old hotel or B&B.  

Changes come fast these days because we are in the information age.  Regardless of where the next great idea comes from, the option of soaring through the skies like a bird is a bucket-list must.