Top 5 Options for Helping your Holiday Home Rental Stand Out to Potential Guests

We all tend to judge a book by its cover, the same happens when it comes to holiday home rentals. By improving some basic things in your holiday home rental such as interiors and space management, or rearranging furniture, you can attract more guests.

Pictures are the single most important thing about holiday home rentals because photos will make your first impression on those who are going to let it. Renters will scan over everything you are going to show them before making their selection.

Top 5 options for helping your holiday home rental stand out to potential guests


1. Get ready for your rental

Many holidaymakers are choosing rental homes instead of hotels and B&B’s, so you are in direct competition with them. Hotels are professionally developed and maintained and generally provide services which seek the holidaymaker’s attention. So it’s suggested to give a small but remarkable makeover to your place. When you start working on your rental, start from scratch, which includes cleaning and arranging things. Try rearranging furniture and experiment with a variety of colours. You may even try adding best-selling books for your guests.

2. Lighting leads to more looks

Lighting plays a vital role in making the best portfolio of your rental. So before taking any pictures, make sure that you have as much light as possible in every room. You can use small lamps and candles to give a warmer look to each room. When you are taking your indoor photos, try taking them in the morning or late afternoon, making the best of natural lighting. Be sure to try both natural and artificial lighting to decide which make your rental look the best.

For outdoor photos, the best time is typically dawn or dusk. Good lighting will appeal to renters the most.

3. Hiring a professional photographer is essential

The old adage is, “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Make sure you are writing poetry for your rental by employing a professional who will make sure that you don’t miss the rhyming of your photos. Your professional photographer will also help you in accenting the best qualities of your house.

4. Show your best first

As we all know, the first impression is the lasting impression. The prospective renter will decide whether or not your house will rent. They are judge and jury with the first few photographs. Too many amateur home owners listing their property will add the pictures in the order they took them. The general rule of thumb by the professionals is to sequence the photos in this order: Outside profile, living room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, additional bedrooms and then bathrooms. The exceptions to this rule would be special attractions like game-rooms or Saunas, weight rooms, pool, etc.

Be creative while uploading your content, try different angles and make sure that your best views are being seen by the potential guests.

Keep updating your content regularly.

5. Cut the clutter and keep it clean

After redecorating or rearranging, many will make the mistake of filling the rooms with unnecessary furniture or even personal items. Avoid having anything other than great lighting and impressive clean furniture in your rental. Maintain the cleanliness of the home. Nobody likes messy areas or dirty curtains. Keep it clean and clutter-free.

These are just a few ideas for improving your holiday home rental to attract more guests. Reply to us with any additional actions you may have taken that might have boosted your reservations.  We love learning about the accomplishments of other self-catering holiday home owners.